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Here's How to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Helping  Your Dog Live Longer.

Senolytics For Your Dog  — What You Need to Know.

Heard about senolytics and wondering whether they can help your dog?  Perfect.  You’re in the right place.  Welcome to DogLongevity.Vet, and here we go…

As dogs and humans age, a percentage of our cells are damaged by a variety of causes, ranging from  a simple sunburn to environmental toxins and even microscopic cancer.   If the cells cannot repair themselves, they don’t necessarily die.  Instead, they become inactive, or senescent.

These senescent cells….

  • Just hang out without working, like me as a teenager.  Which I vaguely remember… 
  • Poison the surrounding cells and prevent their normal function, which is a proven cause of aging

By using senolytics to rid the body of these senescent cells, we can…

  • stop them from poisoning the cells around them
  • reduce cancer threat
  • reduce one cause of aging.

How do we do that?  With our new senolytic  FISETIN VET.

Introducing Fisetin Vet — The Senolytic For Your Dog.

Helping Your Dog Longer.

Senolytics For Your Dog — The Health Benefits of Fisetin Vet


Here’s how FISETIN can help our pets:

ANTI-AGING: By eliminating senescent cells, fisetin contributes to a reduction in age-related functional decline and tissue damage, potentially leading to longer healthspan 

REDUCED CHRONIC DISEASE: The accumulation of senescent cells has been associated with several age-related diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, and neurodegenerative disorders. 

IMPROVED TISSUE FUNCTION: Clearing senescent cells may promote tissue regeneration and repair, potentially leading to improved tissue function 

CANCER PREVENTION: Senescent cells can also promote tumor growth and cancer progression through their pro-inflammatory properties. By eliminating these cells, fisetin might help reduce the risk of certain cancers or inhibit their growth.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BENEFITS: Fisetin has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties, which could be beneficial in combating age-related chronic inflammation and associated conditions.

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Senolytics for your dog -- helping dogs live longer

help your dog live longer.

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