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Here's How to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

NMN for Your Dog — The Benefits

If you have questions about NMN and how it can help your dog, you’re in the right place. Welcome to DogLongevity.Vet!!
As a veterinarian, I can help you cut through the marketing BS and learn what you really need to know to help your dog live longer.  Things like NMN, for example. 

Why is everybody excited about NMN as an anti-aging supplement for dogs?  Because NMN is the best way to increase NAD levels for our dogs.  Why is that important?  Because without NAD, we all die.  Instantly.

NAD levels have been shown to drop throughout our bodies as we age.  So it’s logical to think that boosting NAD  may help to reverse aging. 

However, we can’t just eat NAD because our bodies suck at absorbing actual NAD from the GI tract.   In fact, studies have shown that eating large quantities of NAD does NOTHING to increase NAD levels within our cells.

Instead, our bodies have to make NEW NAD  from various dietary sources of niacin, including…  Nicotinamide Mononucleatide (NMN).  So there you go.

A CANINE NMN supplement??   You bet.   Look one sentence down from here. 

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NAD, NMN, and NR for dogs-- what you need to know

Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

NMN for Your Dog — A Product You Can Trust.

There’s a great deal of hype… and outright BS … surrounding the anti-aging supplement NMN and your dog.  Part of that is because the science is rapidly evolving, but part of that is due simply to folks trying to make a quick buck.

Here’s what you need to know.

NMN has the potential to significantly raise NAD levels in the bloodstream.  In a recent human study, the results were striking: NMN supplementation led to significant increases in blood NAD concentrations across all treatment groups compared to placebo and compared to baseline measurements, and supplementation was safe and well-tolerated even at the highest doses. 

The bottom line?  At this point, NMN appears to be the most effective supplement in raising cellular NAD levels. 

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Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

NMN for Your Dog — Studies We Can Trust.

Listen, with the economics of veterinary medicine we have to understand that studies on NAD metabolism in our dogs are not right around the corner.  In fact, we may NEVER see them.  

So what do we do?   If we share the belief that dogs are just small humans — only nicer and more honest 🙂 — then let’s look at human studies from PubMed to learn from.  Here you go.

PubMed NAD  studies…  ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR

PubMed NMN studies…. ONE, TWO, THREEFOUR

PubMed NR studies… ONE, TWO, THREE

NAD NMN NR for dogs-- Helping dogs live longer

Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

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