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helping dogs live longer -- senolytics for dogs

Helping Dogs Live Longer.

Senolytics And Your Dog  — What You Need to Know.

As dogs and humans age, a percentage of our cells are damaged by a variety of causes, ranging from sunburn to environmental or metabolic toxins and even microscopic cancer.   If the cells cannot repair themselves, they become senescent.

Not only are these senescent cells not doing what they are supposed to, they also release inflammatory cytokines (known as Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype, or SASP).  These SASP molecules poison local cells and alter or prevent their normal function, thus contributing to aging across all tissues.

Allowing SOME cells to become senescent is important in our fight against cancer, and in wound healing.  So we don’t want to prevent the process of senescence from occurring.

Instead, our goal is to rid the body of its accumulation of senescent  cells and thus prevent further damage of local tissues.

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Helping Dogs Live Longer.

Senolytics And Your Dog — Studies We Can Trust.

Listen, we have to face the facts that the economics of veterinary medicine will likely prevent any studies of senolytics in dogs over the near term.

However, if you and I share the belief that dogs are just small humans — only nicer and more honest 🙂 — then let’s look at human studies from PubMed to learn from.

Here you go.

PubMed Senolytic studies…


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Senolytics for dogs -- helping dogs live longer
Senolytic Products for dogs

Helping Dogs Live Longer.

Senolytics And Your Dog — Products You Can Trust.

Here’s my bias.  I’m not going to create one health problem in trying to avoid another one.  If you read the studies above, you found mention of potent cancer chemotherapeutics like dasatinib being used to red the body of senescent cells. That seems wrong to me.

Here’s what I think we should do.  We should rely on NATURAL compounds like FISETIN, QUERCETIN, and others proven effective as senolytics… without side effect. 

Want Proof?  Here You Go:  Studies ONE, TWO, THREE


Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

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