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NAD NMN  NR for dogs--

Helping Dogs Live Longer.

NAD, NMN, and NR for Your Dog — What You Need to Know.

NAD is an essential cofactor for normal cell function and in biological processes throughout the body.  As dogs and humans age, our NAD levels drop.  The decline in NAD is widespread throughout the body– liver and kidney, bone, fat, muscle, nerves, and brain.

As NAD drops, our markers of aging rise, and set the table for metabolic diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s disease in humans to  cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

There are a bunch of new studies that suggest we can slow down, and perhaps even reverse, some aspects of aging… simply by increasing NAD levels in our bodies.

We can’t just eat NAD to increase its level in our cells, because most cells in our bodies cannot import NAD from outside the cell. In fact, studies have shown that eating large quantities of NAD does NOTHING to increase NAD levels within our cells.

Instead, our cells have to make new NAD by making it from various dietary sources of niacin, including Nicotinic acid (NA), Nicotinamide Mononucleatide (NMN), , and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)

Because of the underlying principles and its safety, it is absolutely logical to consider NAD supplementation in extending the health and lifespan of our dogs.

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Helping Dogs Live Longer.

NAD, NMN, and NR for Your Dog — Studies We Can Trust.

Listen, with the economics of veterinary medicine we have to understand that studies on NAD metabolism in our dogs are not right around the corner.

However, if you and I share the belief that dogs are just small humans — only nicer and more honest 🙂 — then let’s look at human studies from PubMed to learn from.

Here you go.

PubMed NAD  studies…  ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR

PubMed NMN studies…. ONE, TWO, THREEFOUR 

PubMed NR studies… ONE, TWO, THREE

NAD NMN NR for dogs-- Helping dogs live longer
NAD, NMN, and NR for dogs-- what you need to know

Helping Dogs Live Longer.

NAD, NMN, and NR for Your Dog — Products You Can Trust.

Based upon the research that I have done (and that you can duplicate for yourself), here are my conclusions.

Nicotinic acid is cheap, but can create discomfort and inflammation when taken orally.  Nope, not for us.

Nicotinamide can raise plasma levels of NAD, but interferes with some of the important enzyme pathways necessary for optimal cell health.  Not for us.

NMN has the potential to significantly raise cellular NAD levels, but doesn’t diffuse well into the cells and so studies are ongoing.

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) has been proven effective in raising NAD levels, but requires high dosing per lb body weight.

Nicotinic Acid Riboside (NAR) appears to be the most effective in raising cellular NAD levels, but is not commercially available yet.

The bottom line?  At this point, NR appears to be the most effective supplement in raising cellular NAD levels. 


Helping Your Dog Live Longer.

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